Licensing and support

The core of Pogo is open source under the Open Source GNU GPL and provides the primary functionality. This includes the source code to enable the core of Pogo to be compiled and run, but does not include features such as support for multiple GPUs. This version is primarily targeted at individuals and researchers who have experience compiling up such programs and have the time to work out solutions to problems for themselves, i.e. no formal support is provided. This can be downloaded via an online form.

The group also provides consultancy support developing Pogo for specific needs, with more advanced features. This includes support for multiple GPU systems where work must be undertaken to select a suitable system specification and also ensure that the final compiled version of Pogo works well on this system. This version of Pogo is subject to a standard commercial license. As well as providing installation support, training can be provided and longer-term technical support, along with updates is also an option. Specific requirements and features depending on the requirements can also be addressed. Please contact us (details below) for more information.


Dr Peter Huthwaite

Imperial College London